Wittek Signature Ball Dispenser

Electrically operated with few moving parts. The Wittek Signature Dispenser has five vending options available: Tokens, Bill Acceptor, Golf Key Debit System, E-Range and Credit Card. All ve options can be used, either separately or in any combination. Options can also be easily added at a later date.

The Signature Specs:
Electrical: 110 Volt
Size: 65"H x 39"W x 46"D. Weight: 430 lbs
Holds 7500-8000 balls
Ball Count can be set to deliver 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 or 50 balls (please specify when ordering)

Call 1-800-869-1800 to learn more and order

5 Ball Dispenser Options

Wittek Ball dispenser can be ordered with any of the following vending options, these option can be configured individually or combined with each other.

Accept credit cards right at your ball dispenser.

Golf Key Debit System
Golf keys use high security smart chip technology.

User friendly for your range customers. Sold in bags of 100.

Eliminate tokens; use wireless PIN numbers to activate

Drop Coin Mechanism or Bill Acceptor.

Call 1-800-869-1800 to learn more and order